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Global Millennium International NGO

Feeding and Developing Sub-Saharan African Nations and The World


Global Millennium International NGO

A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with official United Nations Special Consultative Status (ECOSOC) Economic and Social Council.  


Founded by Dr. Paul Hopkins N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor).

We are headquartered in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania in the United States of America with affiliates in Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, and Peru. We work with government officials and several U.N. member organizations to accomplish the Millenium Development Goals set forth by the United Nations and 190 endorsing nations. As an International Humanitarian Organization, we pride ourselves as providing one of the largest manpower connections. 


We collaborate, and sub contract with other organizations for the full and complete success of projects that we undertake.

This pool of thousands of collaborators provides diversity and strength, and at the same time ensures total effectiveness. Success to us is the efficient management of a project that has measurable results and impacts lives directly at the grass roots level.  We rely on the professional expertise of our staff and partnering organizations, advanced technologies, grassroots advocacy with government and private organizations at a high level, to set forth and accomplish our objectives.


In order to effectively provide services to the millions of our global clients, the use of computer  and telecommunication technology is the bedrock of our activity, along with hands on presence for oversight and desired results.

Our Mission

The mission Of Global Millennium International NGO is to “feed and care for the people” through advocacy and grassroots humanitarian efforts.  Our focus is the fight against extreme poverty, the health and well being of children, women and men of impoverished nations.  Child health, maternal well being and eradicating diseases that strip humanity of its potential must be combated through concerted efforts by government, civil society and private corporations. Global Millennium is committed to this noble cause.

Our Objective

Our objective is to advocate by raising awareness and committing financial resources to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and beyond. Our focus is on education, health of minor children ravaged by preventable diseases, maternal health and wellness during the process of child birth on into motherhood.  


Our objectives will be completely aligned with the needs of the countries where we operate.  The practical and measurable construction of water systems and water purification processes, the construction of elementary schools, technical schools and universities is a top priority.  The NGO will work with major corporations and philanthropic donor groups to:


* Provide and distribute integrated (natural and pharmaceutical)                   medicines 


* Provide and distribute medical equipment and supplies


* Support and implement plans to construct hospitals and clinics to help       manage & control disease.  


* Feed people through agricultural development and micro-financing             programs


* Develop efficient food distribution networks

* Design and deliver basic skills and job training programs in construction, masonry, electricity, renewable energy, plumbing, information and communication technology.  



The lack of these basic elements are the fundamental causes of poverty and disease particularly in Sub Saharan Africa. Our programs for education, health and job training will be the hallmark of the Global Millennium in the region.

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